Lessee qualifications

To rent the vehicle, lessees shall:

Have a minimum age of 23 years with a driving licence issued at least a year prior to the rental for vehicle categories A, B, C. For all other categories, lessees should be over 25 years of age and have a driving licence issued at least 3 years prior to the rental. Lessees aged between 21-22 years are subject to the New Driver surcharge at a cost of 25 € per day.

  • Have a Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries) driving licence.
  • Have a personal credit or debit card

Collection of vehicles

When the vehicle is handed over, lessees shall produce:

  1. A valid legal driving licence.
  2. Their personal credit or debit card. Third-party cards are not accepted unless there is a written, validated authorisation.
  3. Lessees that do not have a credit card can rent a vehicle from categories A, B by accepting the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW), prepaying the estimated rental value and a minimum guarantee fee of 750 €.

*For the other categories, a credit card is required.

The vehicle shall be delivered and shall have to be returned with fuel at the same level as it was received. Otherwise, lessees shall be charged with the fuel consumed. (Depending on the current average fuel price) as well as 15 € for refuelling.

  • Upon collection of the vehicle, lessees shall be given the Rental Agreement, which they shall have to check, read the attached terms and sign. The Rental Agreement shall present all the services/insurance provided as well as any of the additional services/insurance that the lessee wishes with the corresponding charges.
  • It is crucial for the lessees to check the vehicle and report any existing damage on the vehicle upon collection, to avoid being charged for damage caused during a previous rental. Lessees shall be required to sign on collection and return of the vehicle relevant documentary evidence of any damage to the vehicle.


Ionian cars vehicles are insured:

  1. Vis-à-vis third parties (excluding the driver) for death and bodily injuries.
  2. for material damages to third parties per accident.
  3. for the vehicle of Ionian cars in case of fire
  4. for the vehicle of Ionian cars in case of window breaking (except light and mirrors)

For damage or theft caused by the fault or negligence of the lessee on the vehicle of Ionian cars, the lessee is liable up to the total commercial value of the vehicle at the time of the accident or theft.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)

Lessees can limit their liability for legal involvement in any damage to the vehicle:

  1. to the amount of 750 € paying the amount of 15 € per day of rental for categories A, B, C.
  2. to the amount of 950 € paying the amount of 25 € per day of rental for categories D, E, F
  3. to the amount of 1,250 € paying the amount of 35 € per day of rental for categories MINI BUS, CABRIOLET

provided that the damage is not due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code (RTC) (e.g. failure to stop at a red light or STOP sign, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.)

Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W.)

Lessees wanting to be exempt from the above amounts of 750 €, 950 € and 1,250 € respectively, shall pay an additional fee of 10 € per day for categories A, B, C, 20 € for categories D , E, F and the amount of 30 € for MINI BUS, CABRIOLET categories.

With the payment of the above amounts lessees limit their liability (SCDW) to the minimum charge of 100 € for categories A, B, C, 150 € for categories D, E, F and 250 € for the other categories. 

*The above insurance does not cover damages caused by violations of the Road Traffic Code (RTC), and damage to tyres, mirrors, traffic lights, under the body and inside.

Theft Protection (T.P.)

Lessees are exempt from liability for the theft of the car if they accept the relevant terms of the contract by signing it and paying the amount of 10 € per day.

*Theft Protection (T.P.) coverage is not applicable in case of the driver's negligence.

Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)

With an additional daily payment of 10 € coverage is provided to the driver for death, partial or total bodily harm.


  • Free at any branch of Ionian cars.
  • At the airport of the same island for a fee of 20 €
  • Outside of town and over 80km from the nearest Ionian cars branch, please contact our Central Reservation Department or our branch office.
  • Pickup/Return outside the opening hours of the Ionian cars branches (21:00 - 08:00), charge 25 €


Additional Charges

Minimum rental time

One day. Upon expiration of 25 hours, lessees shall be charged the cost of an additional day.

Airport Tax (A.S.C.)

  • 11% fee

Additional Driver (A.D.)

Additional charge for each additional driver: 5 € per day

Accident file costs

Lessees are charged € 20 in case of an accident of their fault. This amount is not refundable.

Infringement management costs

Lessees shall be responsible for the payment of fines that may result from RTC violations during the rental of the car. If they are not paid by the lessee and an intervention of Ionian cars s required for their payment, there will be a charge of € 50 over the cost of the violation (Infringement Costs).

Plate removal

In the event of plates being removed during the rental period, lessees shall be charged for rental until the collection of the plates from the competent authority.

Loss or destruction of a key

In case of loss or destruction of a key during the rental period, lessees shall have to pay the amount of 80 €.


In the event of cancellation of a booking made by the less through the website within less than 15 days of the scheduled rental date, Ionian cars is entitled to request or to withhold from the lessee a payment of a 10 € per booking. (Payment of the cancellation fee also applies to bookings with a car pickup less than 15 days).


If the lessee does not pick up the car on the agreed day and time without prior written or telephone notification, Ionian cars will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. Ionian cars reserves the right to charge the lessee with one day of rental of the same car category concerned by the booking.

Car interior

If the vehicle is returned with stains requiring biological cleaning (e.g. hair, sand, etc. on the seats or on the floor, in the trunk etc.), the lessee is charged with the amount of 100 €. In case of damage caused by the lessee (e.g. burns) there shall be a corresponding charge depending on the damage.

Boat transport

In the case of rental between islands, the lessees are required to return the vehicle to the pickup branch, otherwise all the transport costs shall be charged to them. In case of mechanical damage or accident, lessees are obliged to transfer the car at their own expense. During the transport of the car by boat, the insurance cover does not apply.

Rental extension

Lessees wishing to keep the rented vehicle longer than the period already agreed, should contact the branch of Ionian cars where the vehicle was picked up in writing to indicate the extension of the rental and sign the new Rental Agreement.

Payment method

Ionian cars accepts the following credit/debit cards: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard. If a cash payment method is selected, Ionian cars reserves the right to request through the Reservation department the prepayment by either a credit card or a deposit to a bank account that it will indicate before the car is picked up.


The abovementioned prices include VAT at 24%
The above rates do not include Airport Tax (ASC) if picked up by an Airport.
All fines and administrative penalties are charged to the lessee.
Prices and terms of rental can be changed without notice.
The Greek Courts are competent to resolve any disputes arising herefrom.

*Use this field if you want to check or confirm your reservation.

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